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Worker by Worker

better jobs, strong communities, by the many

The People’s Labour Project is a cross-Canada group of labour organizers, workers, and supporters. We do in-depth training and offer steady support to those who seek to organize their workplace. We aim to build a strong working class of everyday people who can win the world for themselves.

Safe Jobs, Save Lives

All workers deserve good health and safety for themselves, their co-workers, families, and communities. We help fight for safe jobs — with universal access to key training, full PPE, proper workplace layout and robust safety protocols.

Good Pay For All

All work is worthy of a living, thriving wage. Too many bosses and owners have forgotten this. We help push for what is obvious and just: hazard pay for risks taken at work, paid sick leave so that illness doesn’t ruin lives, and fair benefits and compensation.

Fairness, Dignity, Respect

All jobs must be free from harassment, discrimination, or intimidation at work — as well as offer enough hours and regular schedules so that good lives are possible in and out of work. Workers make the world, so we help struggle for decency from employers.